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 Online Ordering with Rotor Clip

Online Ordering System Demonstration.


Traditional Order Process with Rotor Clip

Traditional Order Process



Rotor Clip "One Step" Online Ordering System

Rotor Clip -One Step- Ordering System


Rotor Clip wants to reduce transaction costs and share the savings with you.
So we’re offering our customers a 2% discount on all orders placed online for non-contract items in our standard box quantities.
Our online ordering system is faster and more efficient than faxing and the format is easy to use. No need to wait for confirmations. View your pricing, quotes, stock levels, invoices, and order status, and print, e-mail or save everything right from your computer.
Concerned about “double entry”…having to enter the order into your system and ours? There’s a simple solution to this that can be worked out between our respective IT departments with one phone call.
Sign up for Rotor Clip’s online ordering system and start saving today. And don’t worry of your not all that computer savvy…We’ll hold your hand and walk you through it. To get started, contact us HERE or call your Customer Account Manager.
*Part, quantity, price and delivery information available to you at the time of order; your information sent over the internet to Rotor Clip and automatically entered into our system. NO DOUBLE ENTRY


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