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The RTX Ring

Less Teeth, But More Holding Power!

Back in 2001, Rotor Clip created the RTX ring in response to a customer request. The customer was looking for more holding power than Rotor Clips TX rings could provide. The result was the RTX ring and is now a part of Rotor Clip’s product line. The R stands for “reinforced”, hence the RTX designation. The RTX ring, with filled in “teeth” gaps, provided the extra thrust for the application with more rigidity and greater surface contact with the shaft. The TX-37 thrust load is listed at 122 lbs. and the RTX-37 thrust load is listed as 250 lbs. The standard TX-100 ring has a thrust load of 142 lb. and the RTX-100 thrust load is listed as 600lbs.


The RTX line is listed in Rotor Clip’s product catalog under the TX product line. Rotor Clip sells millions of these two rings per year with a majority of them being sold to our automotive customers.

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