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Rotor Clip Medical Solutions

Medical applications must be dependable down to their smallest components as to offer reliable performance each and every time.

Rotor Clip has always acknowledged the need for quality and reliability by producing high performance retaining ring and wave spring solutions that meet the performance goals of safety critical applications.

Strong. Rotor Clip holds several quality certifications and meets the high quality standards required by the automotive and the aerospace industry.  This level of quality is reflected in every process we employ and every product we produce. Rotor Clip’s vertically integrated manufacturing process allows for a very high level of quality control starting with the raw material, over tool design and production, manufacturing equipment and processes, to the finished product.

Precise. Rotor Clip employs state of the art measuring instruments on its production floors and utilizes its in-house metrology lab to ensure the continuous production of precision parts with tight tolerances for our customers.

Resistant to Corrosion. Many medical applications are often times exposed to corrosive environments as result of repetitive cleanings and wash-downs. Rotor Clip offers material options suitable for these types of environments:

• 302 Stainless Steel
• 316 Stainless Steel
• PH 15-7Mo Stainless Steel
• 17-7 Stainless Steel

   *Rotor Clip offers passivation of stainless steel for extra corrosion protection.

• Beryllium Copper Alloy #25 – Best suited for applications that require conductivity or non-magnetic properties.

Wide range of sizes. Rotor Clip manufactures retaining rings and wave springs in small sizes to accommodate compact spaces in a variety of medical, industrial, and electronic products. We also produce retaining rings up to 1000mm (40 inch). This range of sizes extends throughout our entire product line so that you can be sure to find the right type of retaining ring or wave spring to meet your size requirements.


• Retaining Rings: 1mm-1000mm (.040”-40”)

• Spiral Retaining Rings: 6mm-400mm (0.25”-15.75”)

• Wave Springs: 3mm - 400mm OD (.118”- 15.75”)

Engineering Expertise. Rotor Clip is proud to employ a dedicated team of engineers and product application experts to assist our customers in finding the right Rotor Clip product solution for their application. Our expertise comes from long years of working with customers on innumerable application design challenges, product improvements, and new product development.

Please contact our technical staff to find the best solution to your medical application challenge.

Traceability. The security provided by a traceable lot is as important to us as it is to our customers. Rotor Clip strongly believes in product accountability. That is why everything we supply may be traced back to the production lot, the material and processes used in its production. This protects you if a problem arises that requires records of the manufacturing process.

Applications. From beds to monitoring equipment and prostheses.
Our retaining ring and wave spring products are used in a variety of medical instruments, equipment, and implants.

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