• Provide Rigid End-Play take-up.

  • Eliminate Vibration and Noise caused by accumulated tolerances.

  • Reduction of overall inventory costs by eliminating the need for shims and ground Rings.

  • Reduce operator handling time needed to measure groove and select-fit the correct ground ring or shim.

Download the white paper to learn how these retaining rings are designed, calculated and manufactured for maximum endplay take up while still being cost effective for both consumer and manufacturer.




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Beveled Retaining Rings For Endplay Take-up

For applications in which endplay take-up must be rigid, specify Rotor Clip VHO and VSH retaining rings.


These rings wedge themselves between the retained part and the groove wall, until the assembly is virtually "locked" into place, resulting in what is referred to as rigid end-play take-up.


This permits manufacturers to work with larger tolerances in the parts being assembled and still achieve required performance characteristics.