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Hose Clamp Applications

    powersteering.jpg (4241 bytes) clamp4.jpg (4567 bytes) ctb1.gif (18257 bytes) clamp3.jpg (5348 bytes) freightlinerapp.jpg (5240 bytes)  
    CTB on a power steering unit. Double-wire clamp on appliance pump. CTB clamp on an automotive cooling system over flow tank. CTB on an automotive coolant tank. Two CTB clamps on a Freightliner power steering unit.  
    spaapp.jpg (3769 bytes) clamp5.jpg (5363 bytes) coolingsystemapp.jpg (45120 bytes) sinkapp.jpg (55452 bytes) sinkhose.jpg (5099 bytes)  
    Double wire clamps on a spa assembly CTB clamp on a plastic water valve. Two CTB clamps on a cooling system. Pre-packaged sink repair kit with two double wire clamps and one single wire clamp. Single wire clamp on hose for sink drainage.  
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