Rotor Clip Facilities - 238,000 square foot manufacturing facility on 62 acres.


In response to calls for alternatives to hexavalent chrome coatings, we've introduced trivalent finish called Z3X, hexavalent-free zinc plus sealer. This finish affords nearly comparable salt spray protection to the hexavalent-based coatings.

We still offer hexavalent chrome finishes including Zinc Dichromate (ZD), Zinc Dichromate with sealer (ZDL) and Zinc Bright (ZF). All of our zinc coatings are applied using a mechanical plating process, which helps reduce the occurrence of hydrogen embrittlement, a condition that can cause rings to fail.

A basic phosphate (PA) coating is available for all retaining rings at NO EXTRA CHARGE. This affords the rings a basic shelf life protection. Phosphate and Oil (PD), a popular European coating, offers eight hours of salt spray protection and Heavy Phosphate and Oil (HPD), 72 salt spray hours.

Phosphate Line at Rotor Clip Company Inc.