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REACH Directive

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals.  Under the legislation, a manufacturer anywhere in the world is required to register chemical substances that it exports to the EU in quantities of one or more tons annually. While REACH regulations are aimed mostly at chemical producers, manufacturers are also affected. Registration requirements apply when all of the following conditions are met:   

•     The substance is intended to be released during normal and reasonable foreseeable conditions of use.
•     The total amount of the substance present in the articles with intended releases produced and/or imported by that actor exceeds 1 tonne per year.
•     Contain 0.1 percent by weight of “substances of very high concern.”

Here are the reasons why REACH does not affect Rotor Clip:

•     Substances on our retaining rings are not “released under normal and foreseeable conditions of use.”
•     The only “Substance of Very High Concern” is Chromium VI, but maximum content per ring is well below maximum non-reportable limit of 0.1%

Rotor Clip has been fully aware of the Reach program since November, 2007 and understands our obligations under REACH.  We do not export into the European Union any article that falls under the compliance requirements of REACH, and we will continue to monitor the REACH program for any changes or revisions that may affect our status.


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