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Other Rotor Clip Environmental Innovations

In House Water Treatment facility — We proudly own and operate our own state-of-the-art, in house treatment facility to effectively remove metals present in the water as a by product of our processes. This metal is captured in our treatment plant and disposed of properly. As a result, we release water into the local sewer system that is in the proper PH range. TO DATE WE HAVE HAD NO VIOLATIONS.

Water based Lubricant — Several years ago we switched to this environmentally benign substance and eliminated the need to dispose of waste oil.

Commitment to Clean Air — We regulate emissions into the atmosphere from our furnaces and air conditioners. TO DATE WE HAVE HAD NO VIOLATIONS.

Good Overall Housekeeping — We keep our grounds clean and clear of any debris so that such items do not find their way into nearby storm drains. TO DATE WE HAVE HAD NO VIOLATIONS.

Car Pooling — Many of our employees travel to and from work together eliminating the need for single occupant cars, doing their part to reduce emissions and traffic during peak travel hours.

Hexavalent chromium replaced by Z3X (RoHS Compliance)

Click here to read how Rotor Clip complies with this important European environmental directive.

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