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File Description Request Copy File Type File Size
Product Catalog Order Flash Flip Book N/A
Company Overview Order PDF 3 MB
TRUWAVE Wave Spring Brochure (English) Order PDF 3.5 MB
TRUWAVE Wave Spring Design Form Order PDF 135 KB
Wave Spring and Spiral Ring Overview Order PDF 515 KB
Rotor Clip Aerospace Industry Brochure Order PDF 774 KB
Rotor Clip Oil & Gas Brochure Order PDF 1.64 MB
Rotor Clip Wind Power Brochure Order PDF 1.86 MB
Millitary Brochure Order PDF 743KB
Rotor Clamp Catalog (English) Order PDF 5.3 MB
RCU The Ultimate Retaining Ring Guide Order PDF 2 MB
Standard Return Policy Order PDF 182 KB
Terms & Conditions of Sale Order PDF 76 KB
Purchase Order Terms & Conditions Order PDF 108 KB
Part Anatomy Order PDF 60 KB
Interchange Chart Order PDF 633 KB
Bearing Chart Order PDF 105 KB
COTS Ruling (10/07) Order PDF 249 KB
Online Ordering Demo (English)   PPS 3.3 MB
IATF 16949 Certification Order PDF 946 KB
ISO/ AS9100C Certification Order PDF 351 KB
ISO 14001 Certification Order PDF 747 KB
Standard Charges Regarding Certifications   PDF 120 KB
Rotor Clip Catalog (Spanish) Order PDF 17 MB
Company Profile (Spanish) Order PDF 2 MB
TRUWAVE Wave Spring Brochure (Spanish) Order PDF 1.9 MB
Rotor Clip Catalog (German) Order PDF N/A
TRUWAVE Wave Spring Brochure (German) Order PDF 3.5 MB
Company Profile (French) Order PDF 1.5 MB
Rotor Clip Catalog (French) Order PDF 6MB
Company Profile (Chinese) Order PDF 1.54MB
Rotor Clip Catalog (Chinese) Order PDF 55 MB
Company Profile (Portuguese) Order PDF 1.8MB


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