Sundance® Spas & Rotor Clamp, Perfect Together

Sundance® Spas & Rotor Clamp, Perfect Together

Consumer demands for quality products at low cost remains a constant challenge for manufacturers worldwide. How do you improve the quality of your product without raising cost? The answer is simple. Just ask the folks at Sundance Spas.

California-based Sundance Spas is the world’s largest manufacturer of acrylic hot tubs with dealers in over 60 countries. For over 20 years, Sundance Spas has perfected the art of manufacturing hot tubs, accumulating an impressive array of awards and endorsements based on the quality, reliability and innovations of its products. Sundance was the first hot tub manufacturer to become ISO 9001 certified and has been named as a “Best Buy” by Consumer’s Digest magazine for its quality and value.

Part of Sundance’s success is in the way they assemble their product. Sundance maximizes efficiency and quality by using Rotor Clamp’s self-compensating constant tension band hose clamps (CTBs) to sustain their PVC application in their hot tubs. The CTB not only enhanced performance but also increased efficiency by cutting down on defective parts.

Previous to Rotor Clamp’s CTB, Sundance used gluing as their method of connecting hoses to the plastic fittings. Gluing was a time consuming process which required time for applying the primer to the fitting, applying glue to the male and female sides, setting the hose to the PVC, and waiting for the glue to dry. In addition, hoses had to be placed on the inside of the fittings which increased the chance of error since it was hard to get exact positioning on how deep the hose was placed. To further complicate the process, inspectors had a difficult time determining whether the proper amount of glue had been used, and/or if the hose was seated completely against the fitting socket, or had partially backed out.

Staying proactive, Sundance soon discovered Rotor Clamp CTBs. CTBs made it possible for the hoses to be connected to the outside. Cutting down on the number of steps, CTBs improved assembly time making the manufacturing process more efficient and constant. The design utilizing the CTB allowed for more flexibility by offering a greater range of tolerance on the hose and fitting specification. Adjustments on the PVC application were viable with the CTBs whereas gluing was permanent and resulted in lost resources and ruined fittings if anything ever needed to be adjusted or replaced.

There were three areas of improvement with the barb and clamp method. First, instant use plumbing eliminated the hour-long wait required for solvent welds to dry before factory testing. Second, workers no longer were exposed to VOC (volatile organic chemicals) in solvent welding and enjoy a fume free plumbing process. Last but not least, connections appeared clean and neat.

Improving the way you manufacture a product can be a difficult task. However, it is not impossible. Sundance’s use of Rotor Clamp CTBs brings its award winning spas to an even higher level of quality and value.

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