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Somerset, NJ: The results of an informal survey, conducted at the recent National Industrial Fastener Show West (NIFS) by retaining ring manufacturer, ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC., offer a glimpse on where members of the fastener industry see the country headed in the months ahead.

A significant number of respondents chose developing alternative energy sources other than oil as a means of addressing America.s dependence on foreign oil. This was followed closely by allowing offshore drilling on our coasts as well as additional drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

A majority see cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells as the future. However, this was followed closely by manufacturing more fuel efficient, traditional cars as well as continued production of hybrid vehicles.

Respondents rejected the recent bailout of the financial industry by an almost 2-1 margin and a majority of them see their respective businesses heading up slightly in 2009.

The survey was part of Rotor Clip.s Election Day theme, which garnered the company a Best of Show in the multiple booth category. The booth featured a small town America setting with grass, a white picket fence and a rural school house that served as an actual voting booth for those completing the survey. The scene was crowned by an American flag on top of a 15 foot flagpole.

"We had 97 respondents who took the survey," noted Joe Cappello, Director of Marketing. "Although it isn.t anything we can project on the entire fastener audience who attended the show, it is a way to gauge how members of the fastener industry may view these issues."

Rotor Clip's booth is shown at the recent National Industrial Fastener Show West in Las Vegas, NV. The booth, which depicted an Election Day theme, won Best of Show in the multiple booth category. Members of Rotor Clip.s team are pictured above. From left to right, back row: Jerry Keefe, Joe Granata, Craig Slass, Joe Cappello, Jonathan Slass; Front: Sara Mallo. (Photo courtesy of Distributor.s Link magazine)

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