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Rotor Clip has improved upon the method of deburring - or removing unwanted material caused by a stamping operation - with the addition of the "Turbo Tumbler" to it's availability of finishing processes for retaining rings.

The Turbo-Tumbler is a high-speed centrifugal machine that works by spinning parts in a work bowl along with ceramic media, water and a deburring compound. This creates a vortex of parts and media, ensuring that each part gets impacted with the media many thousands of times within a short period.

Of the many methods of deburring and polishing rings, Rotor Clip believes that this is the best method to use because of the process speed. What used to take many hours to polish can now be accomplished in only a few minutes. This enables Rotor Clip to respond to customer needs more quickly in terms of expediting parts, standardizing the overall process, and providing more consistent quality.

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