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Rotor Clip has taken its expertise in processing and coiling wire to produce retaining rings and applied it to the manufacture of single-turn and multi-turn wave springs.

 A wave spring is coiled flat wire with waves added to give it a spring effect. Wave springs are superior to coil springs in certain applications because they provide lower work heights with the same force. This not only provides for space savings, but also smaller assemblies that use less materials, hence lower production costs.

Wave springs can act as load bearing devices - compensating for accumulated tolerances in assemblies and providing end-play take-up. Wave springs exert a force, or preload on assemblies made to the low side of the tolerances snugging everything up. On the other end, they also give when parts are made to the high side of tolerances.

Single-turn wave springs are ideal for short deflection applications with low to medium forces. They are offered in a number of waves and material thicknesses, and designed for a wide range of bore and rod diameters. Single-turn wave springs are ideal for narrow radial wall dimensions, light duty & low clearance applications, and ball or roller bearing applications.

Multi-turn wave springs are used for low force applications with large deflections and utilize nearly half the space as helical compression springs while producing the same force.

Rotor Clip can custom design a wave spring to fit your application, with as much as a 40% cost savings.



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