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Heavy Duty Retaining Ring Pliers

Rotor Clip has introduced a new line of Heavy-Duty Pliers for internally and externally installed retaining rings.

Rotor Clip Heavy-Duty Retaining Ring Pliers are designed to perform with excessive use - up to 10 times longer than standard retaining ring pliers. The pliers are made of forged Chrome Vanadium steel, and the handles have a non-slip plastic coating. They feature inserted tips of high density drawn spring wire and a precise, smooth operating screw joint. Large contact faces on the tips helps to eliminate distortion of the ring, and the slim head style allows for use in confined areas.

Heavy Duty Pliers 1 Heavy Duty Pliers 2

See our Products section on this website for full specifications. And as always, you can call 1-800-557-6867 for technical help, or e-mail Technical Sales

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