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Rotor Clamp, Inc., has developed an application system for pre-installing high volumes of Constant Tension Light Band clamps, or CTLs, onto hoses.

This semi-automated machine features a feed bowl system that places a clamp in the jaws of a pneumatic hose clamp plier, compresses the clamp in the open position, and allows the operator to place the hose in the desired place before closing the clamp. The plier is activated and deactivated by proximity switches which reduce stress on the hand from repeated assembly. This pneumatic installation method aids in the prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

CTLs are ideal for low pressure applications, and are a cost effective and reliable alternative to other types of band clamps. Easy to install and remove, these clamps offer a one-piece design providing leak-proof connections. CTLs can be used on such applications as small engines, spas, agricultural and utility vehicles, automotive systems and appliances.

To inquire as to whether your company can benefit from the CTL Bowl with automatic opening station, and to request a demo at your site, please contact our sales department.

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