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About Rotor Clip

Driven to provide our customers with Application Driven Solutions, Rotor Clip, is the global leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, wave springs and hose clamps. With manufacturing in the United States and Europe and an extensive network of global warehouses and distribution partners, we're able to supply and meet our customers production requirements and timelines worldwide.

Rotor Clip Retaining Ring & Wave Spring Capabilities

Rotor Clip is the only manufacturer of every retaining ring style. Whether you need a stamped or coiled product, our team is available to help specify the right product, in the right material for your application every time. With billions of parts produced and shipped annually, over 20,000 standard parts to select from and endless custom capabilities, our team of design, metallurgical and quality engineers is focused on providing Application Driven Solutions.

A Tribute to Robert Slass

From humble beginnings, Robert founded Rotor Clip in 1957 in Farmingdale, NY in a 2,000 sq-ft facility. Building a foundation that was intended to grow to new heights, Robert's commitment to Rotor Clip led to the growth of a global company with warehousing, manufacturing, and technical support strategically implemented around the world.

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