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Rotor Clip retaining rings and wave springs are highly engineered components suitable for uses in the oil and gas industries.

  • Fixing of electrical switch/control boxes
  • Drive shafts of downhole tools
  • Form-lock connecting of tubes
  • Pre-load baffle plates of downhole tools
  • Pre-load fixing systems installed on sea ground
  • Pre-load anchoring devices of downhole tools

Rotor Clip can manufacture parts in materials required by the industry for high operating temperatures, highly corrosive media and heavy mechanical loads:

  • Inconel X-750 (DIN Material No.: 2.4669)
  • Elgiloy (DIN Material No.: 2.4711)
  • Hastelloy C276 (DIN Material No.: 2.4819)
  • A286 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4980)
  • AISI 302 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4319)
  • AISI 316 Stainless (DIN Material No.: 1.4401)
  • Beryllium-Copper (DIN Material No.: 2.1247)
  • Phosphor-Bronze (DIN Material No.: 2.1030)



For fixing electrical switch/control boxes and drive shafts of downhole tools spiral wound flat wire constant section rings of the KL-/CL- and KLM-/CLM-Series will be considered. These rings save radial space in the application because no lug holes interfere with mating components. These snap rings are mainly made from AISI 316 stainless steel and Inconel X-750 to make sure there is enough resistance against saltwater and higher temperatures. The light duty series is sufficient because no high axial loads will apply during operation of the downhole tool.


For the form-locking connection of tubes, spiral wound flat wire 2-turn retaining rings of the KM-/CM-, KR-/CR- and KG-/CG-Series will be considered. The tubes themselves will be mainly used to guide cables or cooling water to the drilling head of the downhole tool. Because of the contact with corrosive media like water, mud, oil etc. and high temperatures in the downhole, these rings are made from AISI 316 stainless steel (saltwater resistant), 17-7PH Cond.CH900 stainless steel (for operating temperatures up to 650°F) and Inconel X-750 (for operating temperatures up to 1,000°F and corrosive media). The spiral rings do not have a lug hole design compared to tapered section rings, so radial space could be saved in the application. That allows the customer to create an ID/OD-lock between the tubes. Compared to tapered section rings and snap rings with square edge design, the 2-turn rings do show an elastic behavior when high axial forces apply. The 2-turn ring comes always back in its original position without breaking.



Besides the advantage to save space in the axial direction, spiral wound flat wire wave springs are often used in the oil and gas industry to replace disc springs so that radial space could be saved as well. Compared to disc spring stacks, only one wave spring is handled during the assembly process of the downhole tool. In addition, wave springs offer a wide supporting surface by offering the whole section width for the contact between spring and surfaces of the application. When a disc spring is used, the area of contact is limited to the edge of the spring so that wear increases dramatically during operation of the downhole tool. Furthermore, wave springs made from Inconel X-750 allows for the downhole tool to be operated in extreme environmental conditions. All of these advantages increase the service life of the downhole tool so that costs for the whole drilling operation will be saved.


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