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Rotor Clip has improved upon the method of deburring - or removing unwanted material caused by a stamping operation - with the addition of the "Turbo Tumbler" to it's availability of finishing processes for retaining rings.

The Turbo-Tumbler is a high-speed centrifugal machine that works by spinning parts in a work bowl along with ceramic media, water and a deburring compound. This creates a vortex of parts and media, ensuring that each part gets impacted with the media many thousands of times within a short period.

Of the many methods of deburring and polishing rings, Rotor Clip believes that this is the best method to use because of the process speed. What used to take many hours to polish can now be accomplished in only a few minutes. This enables Rotor Clip to respond to customer needs more quickly in terms of expediting parts, standardizing the overall process, and providing more consistent quality.


Rotor Clamp, Inc., has developed an application system for pre-installing high volumes of Constant Tension Light Band clamps, or CTLs, onto hoses.

This semi-automated machine features a feed bowl system that places a clamp in the jaws of a pneumatic hose clamp plier, compresses the clamp in the open position, and allows the operator to place the hose in the desired place before closing the clamp. The plier is activated and deactivated by proximity switches which reduce stress on the hand from repeated assembly. This pneumatic installation method aids in the prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

CTLs are ideal for low pressure applications, and are a cost effective and reliable alternative to other types of band clamps. Easy to install and remove, these clamps offer a one-piece design providing leak-proof connections. CTLs can be used on such applications as small engines, spas, agricultural and utility vehicles, automotive systems and appliances.

To inquire as to whether your company can benefit from the CTL Bowl with automatic opening station, and to request a demo at your site, please contact our sales department.

Rotor Clip Introduces Spiral Retaining Rings (5/24/06)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings and self compensating hose clamps, has added spiral retaining rings to compliment their full line of product. Spiral rings are axially installed into machined grooves in housings/bores (internal) or on shafts (external) to retain assemblies. They provide 360 contact with the groove and offer more clearance than a tapered section ring. They are ideal for applications with lower thrust loadings. To request a catalog or quote, visit The web site's "Product Search" feature will also aid in finding the right size spiral retaining ring for an application.

Rotor Clip Names New Sales RepresentativE (5/4/06)

Rotor Clip Company Inc. has announced the addition of two new outside sales representatives. Rob Steers of Steers Associates will cover the Alabama and Georgia territories, and Mark Wilson of Clevenger & Associates will be responsible for North Carolina and South Carolina. Sara Mallo, Director of Sales for Rotor Clip, states that she is pleased to make these appointments and looks forward to working with such industry professionals. Rotor Clip manufactures a full line of retaining rings in inch, DIN, ANSI and JIS configurations, as well as constant section snap rings, spiral retaining rings, wave springs and constant tension band hose clamps.

Rotor Clip Retaining Rings Comply with EU Directives (10/5/06)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, offers retaining rings that comply with the European Unions End of Life Vehicle (ELV) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives. Rotor Clips trivalent finish, or Z3X, complies with both directives offering hexavalent-free retaining rings with 240 hours of salt-spray protection for the automotive and electronic industries. Rotor Clip offers a full line of retaining rings to world standards, with over 50 different styles to suit virtually every application.

Rotor Clip Offers DIN Retaining RingS (9/22/05)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, offers retaining rings worldwide standards. Not only a manufacturer of a full line of Inch retaining rings, Rotor Clip also manufactures metric rings to DIN standards, as well as ANSI metric & JIS E rings. If minimum requirements are not met, Rotor Clip will gladly refer you to a RotorExpress partner who stocks DIN rings, as well as any other retaining ring requirement you may have.


Rotor Clamp, Inc. has published its new self-compensating hose clamp catalog featuring single wire, double wire, constant tension band styles, and pre-opened, pre-positioned band clamps for the automotive and appliance industry. The catalog features engineering data on Rotor Clamp self-compensating hose clamps which are easier to install and less expensive than worm or screw-type clamps. It also lists installation tools available, testing information, and a joint design guide for successful hose/joint connections. It also features 2 new lines of Constant Tension Band clamps in light band and narrow band configurations.

Retaining Ring Training Guide (6/14/05)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., a world class manufacturer of retaining rings, offers Rotor Clip University or RCU, the most comprehensive training manual of its kind on retaining rings and related products. RCU is a laymans guide, as well as a refresher for the expert, on types of retaining rings, the features of each, and how they are used in actual applications. The manual includes important information about materials, finishes and packaging. Sections include How To Identify a Retaining Ring, Design Characteristics, and an Automated Assembly guide. Index and table of content_uks make finding a fast answer to a question easy. RCU also contains technical information about how to calculate edge margin and computing beveled groove location.

Constant Section Retaining Rings from Rotor Clip (5/16/05)

Rotor Clip manufactures a complete line of Constant Section Rings, or Snap Rings, to compliment its line of tapered section retaining rings. Constant Section rings come in a variety of cut-off styles in sizes ranging from 5/8 to 13 for both internal and external applications. Constant Section Rings are an efficient substitute for tapered section rings in certain applications; they offer more clearance than tapered section rings, but accommodate less force. Ideal applications include gears, pumps & transmissions for automotive, farm equipment, fork lifts and drills.

New Hose Clamp Line from Rotor Clamp (4/13/05)

Rotor Clamp Inc. has added a line of Constant Tension Light Band clamps, or CTL to its family of self-compensating hose clamps. CTLs are a cost effective alternative to other types of band clamps, but do not compromise quality or reliability. Easy to install and remove, these clamps offer a one-piece design providing leak-proof connections. And Rotor Clamps CTLs have superior strength due to Rotor Clamps perfection of the austempering method, a heat treating process which ensures strength and eliminates brittleness associated with oil quenching clamps. Rotor Clamp CTLs can be used on such applications as small engines, agricultural & utility vehicles, automotive systems and appliances.

Rotor Clip Offers Variety of Retaining Ring Finishes (2/15/05)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, provides numerous finishing options to best suit a customers application and needs. All Rotor Clip retaining rings are sold with a phosphate coating for shelf life protection at no extra charge. Phosphate and Oil, a popular European coating, offers eight hours of salt spray protection and Heavy Phosphate and Oil offers 72 hours salt spray protection. For corrosion protection, Rotor Clip offers dichromate coatings including zinc, zinc bright, and zinc with a lacquer coating, which provides 240-hour salt spray protection. In response to calls for alternatives to hexavalent chrome finishes, Rotor Clip offers trivalent coatings which afford nearly comparable salt spray protection to the hexavalent-based coatings.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of retaining rings and self-compensating hose clamps, recently featured a trick drill demonstration in its booth at the National Industrial Fastener Show West in Las Vegas, NV held November 11-12, 2004. Rotor Clips marketing strategy centered on the theme Famous Mugs/Support Our Troops. Visitors to the booth got their picture taken, received a coffee mug, and a yellow ribbon symbolizing support for US Soldiers overseas. Coinciding with the Support Our Troops theme, Rotor Clips booth featured trick drill performances by Cadets David Haczyk and Vincent Burlazzi of the Pershing Rifles Co. K-8 Trick Drill Team, Seton Hall University. "We wanted to do something that emphasized support for our men and women overseas who put themselves in harms way every day," noted Craig Slass, VP of Sales for Rotor Clip. "I think our young cadets helped underscore this." Rotor Clip received "Best of Show" in the single booth category for its efforts. Rotor Clip is donating USO care packages for troops in the names of all visitors who participated at the booth.

Rotor Clip Offers Retaining Ring Military Cross Reference Guide (8/2/04)

Rotor Clip Company, Inc., world leader in the manufacture of retaining rings, announces the publication of its Retaining Ring Military Standard Cross Reference Guide. This 24-page brochure interchanges military retaining ring part numbers with Rotor Clip military part numbers. Rotor Clip offers a full range of military certified rings made from carbon steel, stainless steel, or beryllium copper with cadmium, zinc or phosphate finishes. This reference guide crosses MS numbers with Rotor Clip numbers for each ring size in each finish.


ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC., a world leading manufacturer of retaining rings, now offers Rings On Wire (ROW), an alternative to loose bulk packaging of various internal rings. Rings on Wire is an in-line method of producing retaining rings in which parts are formed then automatically fed on wires through the lugholes. The rings are then heat treated and finished while on the wire stack using special processes. This method eliminates mixed parts, sorting and tangling of the rings, which can be found when packaged loosely in the box. Not only does this method yield a flatter part, handling is reduced, parts are burr-oriented and beveled parts are properly oriented on the stack. And there is no additional charge for this packaging. Rotor Clip also offers other forms of packaging for internal rings including tape stacked, shrink wrapped, and loose bulk.


Rotor Clip Company, Inc. has announced Sara Mallo as its Director of Sales. Working directly for the VP of Sales, she will be soliciting and penetrating the fastener distribution market and certain OEMs in the US and Canada, while providing support to Outside Sales Representatives. Mallo brings more than 19 years of experience in the national distribution market as Outside Sales Representative, General Manager and National Sales Manager. Coming to work for Rotor Clip, a truly world class operation, as Director of Sales is an important and exciting position, states Mallo. I am honored to be working with such a fine team of people and look forward to developing the distribution of rings worldwide.


ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC. manufactures retaining rings in different materials to suit various applications and their environments. Standard material for Rotor Clip retaining rings is carbon spring steel, known for its high strength and reliability in applications. Rings are also produced in Stainless Steel (PH 15-7Mo) for extra strength corrosion resistance, with 420 type cold rolled stainless steel as an option. In addition, applications that require conductivity can use rings made of beryllium copper alloy #25, with copper alloy C72900 and phosphor bronze alloy #5218 as options. Rotor Clip Technical Assistance can help determine which material would best suit an assembly.

ROTOR CLIP ACHIEVES TS16949 (12/19/03)

ROTOR CLIP COMPANY, INC., a major producer of retaining rings and self-compensating hose clamps, recently became the only retaining ring manufacturer to receive a TS16949 designation. The Somerset-based company joins an elite group of only 250 TS certified companies worldwide. The new standard is part of Rotor Clip's re-emergence as a brand leader and R&D center for the engineering, production and packaging of retaining rings. TS is goal oriented and fits very well with the companys drive to provide value and service to its global customers. Instead of focusing on core procedures that everyone is expected to follow, TS requires management to set goals and meaningful metrics. These targets are tracked on a regular basis and problems are addressed through corrective and preventive actions. This goal driven philosophy results in timely improvements in every area of the company and cost reduction opportunities for its customers. One of Rotor Clip's main targets is 95% "on the shelf" availability of product. This figure is tracked weekly and production, shipping and customer service take action to ensure the goal is met or exceeded. Since July of 2003, availability has increased from a low of 89% to a high of 97% reported in November 2003.

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