Retaining Rings, Clamps, Spiral Rings, Wave Springs, Snap Rings
Manufacturing Stainless Steel Retaining Rings

Design/Engineering Assistance

Cross Reference Guide
This tool will match competitor part numbers to Rotor Clip part numbers.

RCU-Retaining Ring Tutorial
This training guide will give You complete information on all the retaining rings we sell.

Here You will find a variety of examples of how the industry uses retaining rings.

Automated Assembly
Automated Assembly is used in the manufacturing process as a cost reduction tool that additionally achieves increased production rate and added quality through repeatability.The same holds true for automated assembly of retaining rings. Parts can be assembled fast, reducing costs without sacrificing quality. Properly designed installation equipmentshuttles the ring into the groove without disruption and guards against permanent set (overstretching/over compressing of ring) to ensure a tight fit. Here you will find valuable information and design considerations in connection with automated assembly of axial retaining rings.

Materials, Finishes, and Packaging
Here You will find detailed information about the materials and finishes used in the production of Rotor Clip retaining rings, as well as the different packaging options.

These pagescontain valuable formulas and examples in regard to calculating Edgemargin, Groove location, and determining ring feasibility.

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