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Rotor Clip Innovation

Sample Retaining Rings produced with 3D Printer.


Close up of printed retaining ring.


Customer application with printed retaining ring
tested for proper fit.

Retaining rings literally “printed” on a 3D printer and made from thermoplastic are an inexpensive way to produce prototypes for our customers.
3D technology has made its way to Rotor Clip’s engineering department and this new technology is creating quite a stir.

Our engineers can now take their design ideas and produce them in a matter of hours on this new equipment. The part is made in layers using ABSplus, a production grade thermoplastic. Functional models of tooling can be evaluated for suitability before the final version is sent to our tool room for actual production.

Most importantly, our engineers can design a special retaining ring for you so you can test it for fit and in your application before committing to a full production run.

Part designed for our production equipment.



 If you believe this technology can help you use our retaining rings, wave springs and hose clamps more efficiently, contact our engineering department using our Contact Form.



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