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LSU TigerRacing Team Utilized Rotor Clip Rings

For the past year students have been reaching out to Rotor Clip for free sample parts, and Rotor Clip has responded by providing them with the parts to help them complete their projects. In our October 2013 Newsletter, The Formula Motorsports Team at the University of Victoria used Rotor Clip rings in their racecar. Recently, LSU FormulaSAE TigerRacing team also used Rotor Clip rings for their racecar. Rotor Clip believes in the future of US manufacturing. By helping students achieve their goals, Rotor Clip is able to show how US manufacturing is thriving and able to compete on the global scale. Below is how the LSU TigerRacing team utilized Rotor Clip rings. 

In the first picture is the car’s carbon fiber tube A-arms. The bearing housing/ tube insert is CNC machined 7075 aluminum.  The bearing is constrained by an HO internal retaining ring.  
The second picture is the car’s axles.  The CV joint tripod bearings are constrained on the broached section of the axle by cutting small grooves in the broach and putting a retaining ring on either side. In the accompanying email, Joseph Hollier of the LSU TigerRacing team wrote, “They are a little greasy but that is because they have held up after much use!  
Rotor Clip is proud to be part of these projects, helping students achieve their goals and building relationships for possible future business. To request samples, visit We are here for you!  


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