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Rotor Clip’s DHO Retaining Ring in Tesla Model S

Tesla has been giving consumers a glimpse into what the future of environmental friendly cars can achieve with a high performance electric motor with out sacrificing batter life and keeping luxury standards high for those who require comfort.  Rotor Clip is proud to be a part of this innovation, supplying Tesla Motors with our American made DHO retaining rings.


The rings are located on either side of Tesla’s differential that is located in the rear of the vehicle. The rings retain the bearings of the rear axle shafts which turn the wheels of the vehicle. Once the DHO ring is installed into the groove of the differential housing, the portion of the ring protruding from the groove (also called a shoulder) holds the bearings in place securely.

Recently, Rotor Clip’s Co- President Craig Slass took the Tesla Model S for a test drive. You can read about his experience test driving the car, some information on pricing, the vehicles range and battery life on Rotor Clip’s blog, Making it Here.



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