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  XXL Retaining Ring Tool For Internal and External Retaining Rings.


XXL Retaining Ring Tool

This tool has been designed for applications where large shafts and bearings transmit very high forces and torques. For example, wind power plants, hydroelectric power facilities, press construction, ship building and aerospace.
It is easily operated with an Allen key (hexagonal key), ratchet wrench or cordless screw driver and is designed for fitting and removing retaining rings in one operation.
The tool is usable with retaining rings ranging from a diameter of 40-1000mm (15-40”). Opening to a width of 250mm (10.24”), the tool securely holds the ring open using self locking precision spindle action. Interchangeable paired tips cover different diameters and are high strength, hardened and tempered. These tips hold the ring securely due to short, direct contact sockets.
The tool comes in a plastic case along with paired tips with diameters of 6 and 9 mm, an Allen key (6 mm), and a bit for a power screwdriver (6 1/4").
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