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Improved Fuel Filter Utilizing a Wave Spring


Fuel filters in combustible engines play a vital role in cars and trucks. Their purpose is to filter contaminants that might enter the engine causing damage and they also provide better gas mileage. Cleaner fuel will burn more efficiently and increase a vehicle’s lifetime.  

However, like any part in a vehicle, inevitable wear is caused over time and a fuel filter is no different, especially under harsh climates.

In order to replace a fuel filter an individual is required to remove two bolts from the fuel line and slide the fuel line out.  Then remove the bolts holding the filter attached to the vehicle. Bolts and screws can wear over time, becoming rusted causing the fuel filter to become loose or the fuel line to detach.  

This improved design replaces the bolts and screws. The fuel filter is more like a fuel filter cartridge which can be easily screwed into a fuel line base attached to the vehicle. A wave spring can be used in the base of the fuel filter cartridge located in the screw collar.  The fuel line base will have a catch or detent attached to it. When the fuel filter cartridge is screwed into place, the wave spring will “catch” the base, locking it into place. Using a wave spring provides a uniformly distributed periphery around the base for a secure grip. It can also be coated to prevent deterioration.

Adding a wave spring is a design alternative which will save time and reduce costs in the repalcement process. When it is time to replace the filter, simply unscrew it, dispose of it and replace with another filter.  



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