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   In some noisy instances, components on shafts and in housings that are "loose," exhibit a characteristic known as "end-play.”

   Endplay occurs when components on a shaft or in a housing are made to tolerances; that is, plus or minus dimensions.

   A beveled or bowed retaining ring provides rigid (beveled) or resilient (bowed) endplay take-up in an assembly when installed in the groove.

   Beveled retaining rings are designed to function in the groove when positioned within a range of seating depths from the bottom of the groove (maximum insertion) to a recommended position of half way up the groove depth (minimum insertion). The complementary groove and ring bevel allow the ring to function like a wedge when it makes contact with the retained part. The ring exerts an axial force against the retained part, taking up the play and, consequently, reducing the clearance between parts to zero.

   Bowed retaining rings compensate for accumulated tolerances by acting as a spring, which keeps the assembly in compression. Because there is some movement in the assembly, we refer to this as resilient endplay take-up.

   In manufacturing, parts cannot be produced to an exact dimension. For example: a part that must be .500" thick may be produced at a tolerance of +.001"/-.001". The "plus" and “minus" dimensions are tolerances, and simply mean that parts produced on the "high side" (.501") or on the "low side" (.499") are acceptable. So a series of parts that one must hold onto a shaft or in a housing will add up to slightly more or slightly less than the target dimension. As a result, if they are made on the low side of the tolerance they will be loose or have play on the shaft when a standard ring is installed. If they are made on the high side of the tolerance, they will extend farther into the groove and prevent a standard ring from being fully installed.  


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